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Online Courses - Fall 2017

Online sections are sections where all face-to-face instructional hours are replaced with online instructional hours. Students may need to come to campus to attend an orientation or take exams at a testing center or approved proctored facility. Online sections at CLC are denoted by section numbers of 800 or higher.
Course Name:
ACC112-800: Accounting Procedures I
ACC121-800: Financial Accounting
ACC122-800: Managerial Accounting
ANT121-800: Introduction to Anthropology
ANT121-801: Introduction to Anthropology
ANT221-800: Cultural Anthropology
ANT221-801: Cultural Anthropology
ANT222-800: Introduction to Physical Anthropology
ANT224-800: Introduction to Archaeology
ANT228-800: Cross-Cultural Relationships
AOS111-800: Business Communications
AOS112-800: Automated Office Technologies
AOS113-800: Comprehensive Word Processing
AOS114-800: Outlook
AOS122-800: Business Mathematics
AOS299-802: Selected Topics in Office Automation
ARM111-800: Fundamentals of High Tech Manufacturing I
ARM112-800: Fundamentals of High Tech Mfg II
ARM113-800: Fundamentals of High Tech Manufacturing III
ART121-800: Introduction to Art
ART260-800: History of Photography
BIO111-800: Human Form and Function
BIO140-800: Environmental Issues
BUS119-800: Personal Finance
BUS121-800: Introduction to Business
BUS121-802: Introduction to Business
BUS121-804: Introduction to Business
BUS122-800: Principles of Marketing
BUS122-801: Principles of Marketing
BUS221-800: Business Law 1
BUS221-801: Business Law 1
CHM140-800: Chemistry for a Changing World
CIT111-800: Comprehensive Spreadsheets
CIT112-800: Comprehensive Database
CIT119-800: Introduction to Office Software
CIT120-800: Introduction to Computers
CIT120-801: Introduction to Computers
CIT120-802: Introduction to Computers
CIT120-803: Introduction to Computers
CIT120-804: Introduction to Computers
CIT120-805: Introduction to Computers
CIT134-800: Introduction to Programming Concepts
CIT170-800: Creating Web Pages
CIT174-800: Adobe Dreamweaver
CMM127-800: Intercultural Communication
CMM127-801: Intercultural Communication
CMM127-802: Intercultural Communication
CRJ121-800: Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJ122-800: Introduction to Policing
CRJ123-800: Introduction to Criminology
CRJ124-800: Penology and Corrections
CRJ214-800: Substance Abuse and Criminal Justice
CRJ222-800: Criminal Procedural Law
DMD115-800: Internet Fundamentals
DNC240-800: The Art of Dance
DNC240-801: The Art of Dance
ECE121-800: Introduction to Early Childhood Education
ECE121-801: Introduction to Early Childhood Education
ECE124-800: Child Development for Educators
ECE124-801: Child Development for Educators
ECE132-800: Professional Ethics in Early Childhood Education
ECE141-800: Health, Safety, and Nutrition for Young Children
ECE241-800: Guidance & Social Development
ECE251-800: Curriculum Development I
ECE253-800: Curriculum Development II
ECO110-800: Economics for Business and Industry
ECO221-800: Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO221-801: Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO221-802: Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO222-800: Principles of Microeconomics
ECO222-801: Principles of Microeconomics
ECO222-802: Principles of Microeconomics
EDU121-800: Introduction to Teaching
EDU124-800: Child Development for Educators
EDU124-801: Child Development for Educators
EDU222-800: The Exceptional Child
ENG120-800: Technical Composition I
ENG121-800: English Composition 1
ENG121-801: English Composition 1
ENG121-802: English Composition 1
ENG121-803: English Composition 1
ENG121-804: English Composition 1
ENG121-805: English Composition 1
ENG121-806: English Composition 1
ENG122-800: English Composition 2
ENG122-801: English Composition 2
ENG122-802: English Composition 2
ENG122-803: English Composition 2
ENG122-804: English Composition 2
ENG122-805: English Composition 2
ENG126-800: Advanced Composition: Scientific and Technical Communications
ENG128-800: Linguistics and Society
ENG128-801: Linguistics and Society
ENG222-800: Creative Writing
ENG266-800: Professional Communication
ESC120-800: Earth Science
ESC120-801: Earth Science
ESC121-850: Physical Geology
ESC123-800: Introduction to Meteorology
ESC124-800: Oceanography
ESC124-801: Oceanography
ESC127-800: Introduction to Meteorology with Lab
ESC224-800: Environmental Geology
GED20-801: GED Preparation I
GED21-801: GED Preparation II
GEG121-800: Physical Geography
GEG122-800: Cultural Geography
GEG123-800: World Regional Geography
GXS121-800: Introduction to Gender Studies
GXS229-800: Sex, Gender, and Power
HCM110-800: Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
HCM175-800: Nutrition
HCM175-801: Nutrition
HCM271-800: Hospitality Leadership
HIT111-800: Medical Terminology
HIT111-801: Medical Terminology
HIT119-800: Pharmacology
HIT215-800: Medical Science
HRT111-800: Introduction to Horticulture
HST121-800: History of Western Civilization I
HST121-801: History of Western Civilization I
HST122-800: History of Western Civilization II
HST126-800: History of Contemporary Non-Western Civilization
HST221-800: U.S. History to 1876
HST221-801: U.S. History to 1876
HST222-800: U.S. History 1876 to Present
HST222-801: U.S. History 1876 to Present
HST240-800: Afro-American History I
HUM121-800: Introduction to Humanities I
HUM121-801: Introduction to Humanities I
HUM123-800: Introduction to Film
HUM127-800: Critical Thinking
HUM222-800: Film & Society
HUS121-800: Health and Nutrition
HUS140-800: Drugs and Society
HWP240-800: Contemporary Health Issues
LSC121-800: Research Skills for the Real World
LTA210-800: Library Materials
LTA230-800: Library Public Services
MCS140-800: Computer Programming for Engineers and Scientists
MCS141-800: Computer Science I
MIM252-800: CT Physics, Instrumentation, and Procedures I
MIM256-800: CT Sectional Anatomy and Patholgy I
MTH102-800: Basic Algebra
MTH102-801: Basic Algebra
MTH102-802: Basic Algebra
MTH102-803: Basic Algebra
MTH106-800: Intermediate Algebra A
MTH108-800: Intermediate Algebra
MTH108-801: Intermediate Algebra
MTH114-800: Applied Mathematics I
MTH114-801: Applied Mathematics I
MTH140-800: Contemporary Mathematics
MTH141-800: Quantitative Literacy
MTH222-800: Elementary Statistics
MTH222-801: Elementary Statistics
MTH222-802: Elementary Statistics
MTH224-800: Calculus for Business and Social Science
MTT110-800: Machine Trades Blueprint Reading
MUS124-800: Introduction to Music
MUS124-801: Introduction to Music
MUS124-802: Introduction to Music
MUS124-803: Introduction to Music
MUS124-804: Introduction to Music
PHI121-800: Introduction to Philosophy
PHI122-800: Logic
PHI122-801: Logic
PHI125-800: Introduction to Ethics
PSC121-800: American National Politics
PSC121-801: American National Politics
PSY121-800: Introduction to Psychology
PSY121-801: Introduction to Psychology
PSY121-802: Introduction to Psychology
PSY121-803: Introduction to Psychology
PSY121-804: Introduction to Psychology
PSY121-805: Introduction to Psychology
PSY121-806: Introduction to Psychology
PSY220-800: Lifespan Development
PSY220-801: Lifespan Development
PSY220-802: Lifespan Development
PSY220-803: Lifespan Development
PSY222-800: Child Growth and Development
PSY222-801: Child Growth and Development
PSY223-800: Abnormal Psychology
PSY224-800: Theories of Personality
PSY226-800: Adolescent Development
PSY228-800: Human Sexuality
SOC121-800: Introduction to Sociology
SOC121-801: Introduction to Sociology
SOC121-802: Introduction to Sociology
SOC121-803: Introduction to Sociology
SOC121-804: Introduction to Sociology
SOC222-800: Social Problems
SOC223-800: Deviance
SOC224-800: Sociology of the Family
SOC225-800: Class, Race, and Gender
SOC229-800: Sex, Gender, and Power
SPA121-800: Beginning Conversational Spanish
SPA122-800: Beginning Conversational Spanish II
SWK121-800: Introduction to Social Work
SWK124-800: Human Sexuality

Blended Courses - Fall 2017

Blended sections are sections where a percentage of face-to-face instructional hours are replaced with online instructional hours. An example of a replacement would be 2 face-to-face instructional hours replaced with 2 online instructional hours for a 4 credit hour course and/or 1 face-to-face instructional hours replaced with 1 online instructional hour for a 3 credit hour course. Blended sections at CLC are denoted by section numbers of 600 or higher.

Course Name:
AGR210-601: Agricultural Marketing
AGR-601: Permaculture Production
AOS122-600: Business Mathematics
AOS170-600: Computer Keyboarding I
AOS171-600: Computer Keyboarding II
AOS216-600: Integrated Office Projects
ARC121-600: Architectural Graphics
ARC121-601: Architectural Graphics
ARC170-600: Architectural Design
ARC171-600: Architectural Working Drawings
ARC215-600: Architectural Project Planning
ARC228-600: History of Architecture
ARC228-601: History of Architecture
ARC251-600: Architectural Analysis
ARC275-600: Portfolio and Professional Development
BIO120-600: Environmental Biology
BIO123-600: Principles of Biology
BIO126-600: Local Flora
BIO127-600: Introduction to Evolution
BIO299-600: Special Topics in Biology
BUS121-600: Introduction to Business
BUS223-600: Principles of Management
CAD110-600: CAD/CAM Concepts
CAD117-600: Introduction to AutoCAD
CAD117-601: Introduction to AutoCAD
CAD178-600: Introduction to Revit
CAD178-600: Revit II
CAD179-600: Introduction to Autodesk 3ds Max
CHM120-600: Chemical Concepts
CIT119-600: Introduction to Office Software
CIT119-601: Introduction to Office Software
CIT133-600: Network Automation
CIT170-600: Creating Web Pages
CIT171-600: Web Page Scripting
CIT219-600: Cisco: Connecting WAN Networks
CIV113-600: Construction Inspection
CMM121-600: Fundamentals of Speech
CMT112-600: Construction Blueprint Reading
CMT113-600: Construction Materials
CMT213-600: Construction Law and Documents
DMD116-600: Developing Web Pages
EDM112-600: Emergency Planning
EDU224-600: Diversity in Schools and Society
EHS111-600: Environmental Compliance
EHS113-600: Hazardous Materials Regulation
ENG121-600: English Composition 1
ENG122-600: English Composition 2
ENG261-600: Methods of Teaching English as a Second Language
ENG267-600: Phonetics and Phonology for English Language Teachers
ENG268-600: Assessment of the English Language Learner
ENG268-601: Assessment of the English Language Learner
ESC121-601: Physical Geology
ESC127-600: Introduction to Meteorology with Lab
ESC140-600: Introduction to Astronomy
FST118-600: Incident Command
FST173-600: Fire Instructor I
FST174-600: Fire Instructor II
FST217-600: Fire Officer Communications
FST218-600: Fire Officer Supervision
FST273-600: Fire Science Business and Operations
FST274-600: Fire Administration and the Law
HCM175-600: Nutrition
HET110-600: Basic Refrigeration Systems
HET110-601: Basic Refrigeration Systems
HET110-602: Basic Refrigeration Systems
HET110-604: Basic Refrigeration Systems
HET111-600: HVACR Electricity I
HET111-602: HVACR Electricity I
HET111-603: HVACR Electricity I
HET111-604: HVACR Electricity I
HET170-600: Refrigeration I Small Appliances
HET170-601: Refrigeration I Small Appliances
HET190-600: EPA Certification Preparation
HET190-601: EPA Certification Preparation
HET191-600: HVACR Load Calculation
HET191-601: HVACR Load Calculation
HET219-600: HVACR Electricity III
HET219-601: HVACR Electricity III
HET250-600: A/C II Commercial HVAC Appliances
HET250-601: A/C II Commercial HVAC Appliances
HET252-600: A/C III Installation & Service
HET252-601: A/C III Installation & Service
HET272-600: Refrigeration III Commercial Appliance Installation
HIT112-600: Health Care Delivery Systems
HIT272-600: Reimbursement Systems in Healthcare
HIT299-601: Special Topics: HIT
HIT299-602: Special Topics: HIT
HRT114-601: Introduction to Soils
HRT219-601: Organic Growing and Sustainable Practices
HST299-600: Special Topics in History
HUS251-600: Addiction Counseling and Treatment I
HUS253-600: Advanced Addictions Counseling Skills
HWP240-600: Contemporary Health Issues
HWP260-600: Sport and Exercise Nutrition
HWP290-600: Principles of Wellness Coaching
HWP299-605: Special Topics: Health and Wellness Promotion
HWP299-606: Special Topics: Health and Wellness Promotion
HWP299-607: Special Topics: Health and Wellness Promotion
HWP299-608: Special Topics: Health and Wellness Promotion
LPO111-600: Fundamentals of Light and Lasers
LTA214-600: Cataloging and Classification
MAS119-600: Introduction to Massage Therapy
MAS119-603: Introduction to Massage Therapy
MOA112-600: Basic Medical Office and Billing Procedures
MTH102-600: Basic Algebra
MTH102-601: Basic Algebra
MTH106-600: Intermediate Algebra A
MTH108-600: Intermediate Algebra
MTH122-600: College Algebra
MTH222-600: Elementary Statistics
MTH222-601: Elementary Statistics
PED220-601: Physical Education in the Elementary School
PED228-600: First Aid/CPR
PED228-601: First Aid/CPR
PED228-602: First Aid/CPR
PED271-600: Exercise Physiology
PED272-600: Exercise Testing and Prescription
PLS211-600: Drafting Legal Documents
PLS233-600: Criminal Litigation
PLS235-600: Law Office Technology
PLS251-600: Paralegal Studies Capstone
PSY220-600: Lifespan Development
SPA121-600: Beginning Conversational Spanish
SPA222-600: Intermediate Spanish II
THE121-600: Introduction to Theatre I
THE121-601: Introduction to Theatre I